dimanche 25 avril 2010

2 foursquare songs, choose your favorite !

Lyrics : 
I know what youre doin, baby
Cause youre checkin in on foursquare
I know how to geo-target
And find out where you are..

I know when youre out & drinkin
And when youre on the toilet thinkin
I know when youre made the mayor
And when youre in the car.

Your foursquare app is TRACKED by google,
So theres no reason to fi-i-ight
I know what youre doin, Im-a find you on foursquare tonight
I'm-a find you on foursquare tonight.

I know where you are the mayor
Where youve been outsted today
Know how many points youve gathered
And the badges you have gained

I know how to shout to Twitter
Facebook besties know the deal..
I just hope youll find me baby
Cause foursquare is here for reallllll

Some people think its KIND of scary
Tracking your friends EVERY mooooove
But, I don't! 'Cause I am on foursquare all day

And Ill be your mayor todayyyyyyyyyyyyy
Cause I am on foursquare all dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Vu sur Geeknaute

By @borismsilver and @thenewb.

Mr. Silvas in da building
Checkins by the hundreds, thousands, trillionz

Ayo I know its my first stop
Look at that leaderboard and see me at the top

Bouncin to new places, adding em quick
I know all the TO-DOs and I got all the tips

Show up at the Bar and I check in Right Away
Sent it to my Twitter cuz Im here to stay

Looks like you got ousted welcome to the game
This is Foursquare bitch! Gowalla aint the same!!

Now that Im the mayor, now that Im here
Gimme my free breadsticks AND my cold beer!!

La la la la
How it feel to wake up and be the mayor of the city!
La la la la
Tryina get that Crunked badge, drinkin like P Diddy


Got a rock like this
Cant use an iPhone, AT&Ts a piece of shhh

No one on the corner had an app on this
So I used my mobile web, wasnt very quick

You can learn where to eat just by checking my feed
Checkin checkin my feed checkin checkin my feed

Follow my lead its the road to success
Never need a reservation, they always say YES

But I cant teach you my swag
You can pay for a coffee but you cant buy a badge

School of social media Imma grad
I hope this hits techcrunch or else Ill be sad

Its Newby
Checkin w/ the groupies eating lotsa sushi

Bet you didnt know we could flow like thiiiiis


Lets talk about the knockoffs, they just imitating
They cant even compare and no were not even hating

Copyin foursquare cuz you lack innovation
How could you turn down Googles valuation?

So let me say it now, let me be clear
Foursquare is the app that all you should fear

Hockey stick growth, all star investors
Lots of passionate users, all beta testers

I add lots of value, Im a superuser
You cant spell your top venues, super abuser

Dont checkin to your house, thats just really lame
Ill snatch up all your badges, call me David Blaine

Your checkins are fake, theres no way those are true
20 stops in one night? IM GONNA CATCH YOU!!

And whats up with all these randos trying to friend me?
Im checked in off the grid like TIGER WOODS B!!!!!

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