mardi 8 février 2011

My QuantifiedSelf bio

I started SelfTracking in 2003 to regain balance and improve my lifestyle. On a notepad, I would write down my data every day : sleep, weight, alcohol, cigarettes smoken & mood. I recorded all of this data everyday in an Excel sheet. Excel helped me to analyze the data and quickly detect lifestyle improvements or deteriorations and to correlate these datapoints.

After a few months of tracking work, I had assimilated the good practices that help me keep a balanced lifestyle even without thinking of it. So the simple act of tracking helped me change my lifestyle in positive ways.

In August 2010, Christophe Ducamp alerted me about a great new movement, the Quantified Self and about Quantter a very promising QuantifiedSelf start-up. I met Denis Harscoat, Quantter co-founder, first in september 2010 with Christophe Ducamp and a second time in december 2010.

One of the first Quantter alpha testers, I still try to learn more about QuantifiedSelf and to “curate” about it on scoopit. I blog about Quantter, QuantifiedSelf and other web habits on (mostly in French, sometimes in English). I created the Quantter fan club on facebook, and try to promote this start-up mostly on Twitter. I feel commited to QuantifiedSelf, the Quantter community and to Quantter improvement.

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